Sorting Hat??

Last Tuesday, i was at school with bunch of my friends, bored of listening to my english teacher talking and talking, until she instructed us to do on some task; write captions to pictures about my high school anniversary celebration. So, i done the task and start to bored again lolll. One of my friend started to talk about Harry Potter, so i remember that i had opened a site called Pottermore but i dont know how it works lmao. My friend told me that I have to make an account first and just tap on Sorting Hat option.

What did i got??

LMAOOO chill guys. Although i got slytherin it doesnt mean i am a cunning person in real life (meanwhile im not cunning at all lol). When I got Slytherin, my homepage became green. For example, if you got Ravenclaw then your homepage will become blue.

*i actually loves the logo tho*

So these days i've been talking about Harry Potter with all my friends, and today i was come over to my friend's house just to chill and watch Harry Potter MARATHON, from Half Blood Prince to Deathly Hallows part 1. Half Blood Prince became one of my favorite movie of Harry Potter series.

You could try Sorting Hat on your own to know which of Hogwart's house that fits you the most on ^^

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