[Review] The Conjuring 2

By Dira Sabrina - Sunday, June 19, 2016

Finally, i am back from my long term hiatus from internet world because im so sick of dramas that happened here (?) lol i'm just kidding. Actually, I was so busy. Being an eleven grader was suck. A lot of worksheets that have to be done. But noooow i can keep my lazy body above my bed and chill with this laptop. But when I get into school one month later, im on my senior year T.T im like literally not that ready to be a twelve grader, graduated, many many many exams, and university selection.... ah im not ready yet.

For filling my bored holiday, i decided to watch recently horror movie with my friend called The Conjuring 2. That movie is a sequel from The Conjuring. I'm not going to spoil this movie but I'm just gonna explain what the movie is about. The Conjuring series is directed by James Wan. As you know, The Conjuring was about a family that lived in a house that being cursed by a witch. And that family experienced many many poltergeist activities and it slowly being strong. And the mother, named Carolyn Perron was being possessed by the witch who cursed their house. The whole family handing this case over to paranormal duo, Ed and Lorraine Warren.

And then, The Conjuring 2 still about how Ed and Lorraine Warren solve the case. But the case is different at all. What i mean is, the case was about Hodgson family got haunted by an old man who used to live in their house in Enfield a long time ago before Hodgson family stay there.

My review is, this movie is totally bomb. The jumpscares was so on point. When you think there's nothing to scare, actually, there's something. In my opinion, this movie is more spine-chilling than the first movie. And both of the movies are based on true stories from Ed and Lorraine Warren paranormal experiences.

And one of the main ghost there named Valak is actually the key actor. But I was a little bit confuse about Valak. This nun ghost actually came from nowhere to revenge to Lorraine because the Amityville case (you better watch the movie because i'm not gonna spoil it here). Because Valak was coming from nowhere, James Wan and his team is on progress to make a spinoff from The Conjuring 2 called The Nun.

My rating is 9 of 10. Why 9? Because I really dont know who Valak is and why she that grudge to Lorraine. I'm ready for The Nun xD

Overall, this movie is really suitable to watch with your friends who loves horror movies too ^^

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  1. Glad that they will make The Nun and maybe they will tell us more about Valak, n yeah i am disappointed idk who Valak is

  2. Hey..nice blog. Have a nice day :)

  3. same here, kind of confused about valak too . great review btw :)

    1. im so excited when i heard they're gonna make the spinoff. thank you!

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