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By Dira Sabrina - Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hello, guys! I am back from my two days hiatus. Time flies very fast, isn't it? My holiday almost reach the end. I was in a holiday a week ago, because of the twelve graders had school exam before national exam. So..... I was studying in my house and also blogging! Blogging and internet surfing are always be my thing to escape from boredom. I also surfing on my instagram to found so many cute stuffs there. I remember that a week ago, I asked my friend if I want to buy some cute-tumblry to-do list. She recommended an online shop called Hello Noted. They sell cute agendas with many variation of covers too! Those covers are they own design. Very interesting, right?

I really-really need an agenda, so I bought the note. The price was a little bit pricey because of the postal fee, eventhough the original price of the notebook is Rp 30.000,00. But it was worth it, I found out that the notebook is really cute!

Instagram: @hellonoted

I also found an online shop that sells cheap customise pencil case! And the price wasn't very pricey, but their weakness is their pre-order was too long. I wait a month long. But, maybe it was just my perception. Their customise pencil case quality was very good. The image wasn't blurry. This pencil case is 22 cm length and 11 cm wide. Quite enough for your stationaries!

Instagram: @blackw0od

* those online shops are from Indonesia.. I don't know if they provide shipping overseas

That's all my online shopping during my holiday! xD

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