Exciting Bandung Trip

By Dira Sabrina - Sunday, January 10, 2016

Annyeonghaseyo fellas!

Today's post is about my exciting Bandung trip on December 28 until 30. I've been frequently go to Bandung, but by time flies, Bandung has changed as well, I thought because of current development. Bandung always has many interesting spot to visit, and Bandung itself was one of many historic location in Indonesia. So, no wonder if there was colonial heritages there!

So, i am gonna write like right now, enough for intro xD

Day 1

Me and my family started out from home at 7.15 am, and went to gas station for refueling, because we were going to ride 120 kilometers far so full refueling is very important! I arrived in Bandung at 11 am, and we decided to went to our hotel first. Our hotel was Grand Royal Panghegar, at Jalan Merdeka. It is a five star hotel, the services were awesome, and they have many great rooms with nice interior inside. We stayed for 3 days and 2 nights. But unfortunately, the room check-in was available at 2 pm. So, my mom decided to have a lunch first rather than sitting and waiting for 3 hours long. So, we went out and arrived in Nasi Bancakan resto, which is a kind of sundanese restaurant, I think(?). I had a very very delicious meal there!

So, after that, it's still 12 pm. I suggested my dad to go to Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) that located in Ganeca Street. I think it was a great idea that came to my mind, because ITB is my dream campus too, and go there keeps me motivated. We finally arrived at 12.30 pm because of hard traffic, and my dad parked our car opposite to Teknologi Informatika laboratory, which is my dream major and literally my dream laboratory! I took many photos there. ITB was very picturesque and so expansive.

my dream major!
So, we took a walk for a little bit sightseeing there, until there was 2 pm. We went back to our hotel and checked in our room, and rested for about one hour. Because that day was a very hot day, me and my bros decided to swim together. We swam for 2 hours until 5 pm, had some meal, took a shower, and then went out again. We went to Braga Street by walk, because it was very near from the hotel. I will post Braga that next morning because there's lot of photos!

Day 2

After had some breakfast, my dad and I went again to Braga Street for taking some picture. Braga looks so great in the morning. Very colorful and vintage!

Sorry for crossed out ma face xD

After felt enough for captured breath-taking Braga, my family went out to Lembang Floating Market! In Bandung, LFM is the most-highly-should be visited. I forgot how far from my hotel, but it wasn't really far, I thought. Lembang Floating Market has their own area for selling various snacks to serve there too! It has their own coin, so we need to exchange our real money with LFM's coins to buy some snacks there. When I knew that rule, I thought they had a unique payment system xD Well, these are Lembang Floating Market!

Lembang Floating Market
mum xD
crossed out
crossed out

Day 3

Ugh..... Last day of vacation always very sucks. After had some breakfast and packed our stuffs into our luggage, we had some rest for a while, before another long ride. And I took self-shots in the comfy couch

yo couch

am i sleeping?!?! lmao

We finally checked out our room at 10 pm, and leave to Jakarta. But before we leave, we decided to had some taste on Cisangkuy Yoghurt! It's near from Gedung Sate.

Cisangkuy Yoghurt
captured by my appa
I ordered lychee yoghurt juice with lychees there! And then the others ordered strawberry yoghurt, pineapple, and had some meal like siomay. Such a very fresh drink for a very hot day!

And then, we left to Jakarta!

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  2. hai Dira ! besnya jalan-jalan Bandung! ;)

  3. Untungnyeee dpt p bandung.. One day nak p gak.. In Shaa Allah.. hehe

    btw, salam ukhuwwah :)

  4. glad you love bandung! visit there soon xx

  5. aku dulu jg mau kuliah di bandung tapi di stpb. tapi gajadi huhu, suksesss! <3

  6. wahh sayang yaa, semoga kamu sukses di kampus yang skrg yaa! aamiin terimakasih xx



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