Tags! #2

This is my second tag from her,  obviously. Thanks guys because you've tagged me I have more times to think about my next post about tips xD So I'm just gonna do it quickly. 

Apakah impian anda yang PALING anda nak?

Making my own money from internet, being a business woman, and my highest dream is really want to be an employer of  Google 

Apakah perkara-perkara atau benda yang comel bagi anda?

My cat

Buku ataupun cerita yang membawa seribu satu makna dalam hidup anda.

Hmm when I was little I bought a novel and the story is a bout a twin that want their mom and dad back (because their parents got divorced). I realized that family is a precious thing we have in life

Alat muzik apa yang anda harap anda dapat mainkan?

Umm, drum?

Apakah / Siapakah yang memberi anda inspirasi untuk terus berblogging?

Myself and other success bloggers

Genre(s) kegemaran anda? (tak kisahlah buku atau filem)

Book: horror-adventure and romance
Movie: Action-adventure, horor, scifi!

Ceritakan pengalaman yang membanggakan diri anda.

Getting good scores, being a student of one of the most favorite high school in South Jakarta a year ago :D

Adakah anda ada trauma / fobia kepada apa-apa? Bolehlah kongsikan dengan kami.

Luckily I have no traumatic/phobia at something and I'm so grateful

And i tagged these person: you, you, you

These are my questions for persons that I've tagged

  • What is your life's motto?
  • What's your favorite movie?
  • Who's your favorite blogger?
  • What's your favorite song? 
  • Have you ever been through a paranormal experience? xD
  • What's your most opened website?
  • Who's your fav youtuber/viner?
  • Have you ever attend a concert?
  • Have you ever being a leader?
  • Give your opinion about my blog xD

Tags! #1

Whoa, guys this is absolutely incredible for me because I've been tagged three times for doing a tag! Thank you so much my chingus xD now I'm gonna do a tag that recently tagged to me from Ailya (thanks btw!). This is fun and I cant wait for do two more tags

These are the questions:
  1.  Anda suka berblogging tak ? Kenapa ?
  2.  Apa pendapat anda tentang orang yang mintak follow back, tapi dia tak follow pun blog awak?
  3.  Berapa umur anda ?
  4.  Hadiah yang amat di-idam-idamkan ?
  5.  Pukul berapa time anda tengah menaip ni ?
  6.  Apa pandangan anda tentang blog saya ?
  7.  Beauty product yang anda amat suka & effective ?
  8.  Website online yang jual beauty product ?
  9.  Benda yang perlu ada time travelling ?
  10.  Bussiness class ke economy class best lagi ?

And these are my answers (i'll do it in English):

  1.  I love blogging! because I love designing and editing my own template, and I am kinda person who likes to write
  2. It's up to them if they want to follow me or nah but it's mmm weird maybe because I already followed them but they are not follow me back
  3.  I am 16 years old right now!
  4.  I actually really really want to have my own slr because I always borrow my dad's xD
  5.  Always at midnight (?)
  6.  I super super like ur blog! It's minimalist and simple
  7.  Garnier and clean&clear absolutely
  8.  I dont know because I never buy beauty products at online shop ._.
  9.  Is this question means 'stuffs that I must bring while traveling?' I'm sorry i am not too understand._. but stuffs that must I bring is obviously passport if I travel with plane, water, phone, and the MUST one; earphone.
  10.  Both of them are great! ^^

Okaaay I'm tagging ciktaman, faiqots, hana :)

Segmen Bloglist Encik Kidal 2.0

Morning, folks. I have a very very boring morning and lazy to do some stuff so I decided to look at my cbox and see who's visiting me, and then a visitor from Malaysia tagged me to do a segment (thanks beeha!). I admit to you that I am now craving for a segment so I have something to write because generally I think so hard to decide what am I gonna post >.< And this is my fifth segment, I'll do my best
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 Kenapa dan sejak bila korang jadi blogger?

Well, first, when I was a sixth grader at elementary school, I frequently see many articles about blogging on social media, or magazines. And I started to wonder how people blogging and what they do with their blog, and I feel like I want to blogging to, I want people to read what I write, and I want to keep my writings so it doesn't get lost (because usually I write my story on a piece of paper and they lost easily-_-). Fortuitously, my dad had a mini book about blogging tutorial (so it was like coincidence I thought). So finally I asked my dad how to make a blog and he pleasure to help me. I asked him what am I suppose to do with my blog and he said that I can write everything I want. So after helping me making a blog, I started to write a story, exactly, my own story (you can see my first story at my blog archive, February 2010 if you want xD)

 Macam mana korang boleh dapat banyak idea untuk di update?

The post ideas usually come by itself, they come to my mind. But for maximize my posting, I often search for inspirations at google or from other blogger's site, so my brain have enough words for me to post

 Berapa lama masa yang korang ambik nak tulis satu entry?

Usually it doesn't take a long time but when I have no inspiration, it could be 30 minutes -_- because I decided to make a new post everyday and I must think what am I gonna post and also looking for inspiration *thank you for those people who makes many inspiration comes to my mind and thank you google for providing images that I want*

I'm done!

So I'm tagging http://masitaeyta.blogspot.co.id/ ;)

Traveling Tips!

Hello guys, whats up?

I am on holiday right now so I had so much time off and I am super happy to spending my time for blogging.  I have no other activity except blogging. But just fyi, I do have activities but sadly I easily got bored with it. I usually like drawing and reading novel but I got bored so blogging is my acivity now. Oh I wonder if you guys have watchin In The Heart of The Sea. This movie starring Chris Hemsworth is a great movie to watch at the end of the year, I thought. The movie is very sharp, so intense, and very exciting. Very cool editing and effect, and also very good story. I think you must incorporate this movie into your must-watch list.

Are you guys on vacation right now? Or traveling abroad? Or are you guys packing for vacation right now? I admit I have been a few times on vacation to somewhere, and I often forget to bring something or do something during vacation, so, I want to give you some tips for traveling, based on what I learned and my own experience.

  • Make a list of stuffs that you must bring for vacation

Make a list is very very helpful for you whose bring so many stuffs for holiday, making list also prevents your careless also as a reminder to bring the things you need. So, you will carried away everything you need without forgetting something

  • Prepare at the previous day

Preparing all the things you need to bring at the previous day also useful because you have a lot of time to pack your goodies. So, at night you can make sure that the items you need are alreay all in suitcase. Compare with preparing few hours before you leave, definitely you forget so much things because you're in a hurry.

  • Bring powerbank and charger cable!

Phone battery is very very important for people nowadays. Because without phone while vacation, you can not capture anything, check in at a place that you're visiting, or making videos? So, this is the most do-not-forget-to-bring.

  • Bring selfie stick and wide lens (if you have)

People are so so so so love to selfie! Selfie anywhere, anytime. If you visit the place where the view is very nice, of course your selfie's background will be very interesting. So, use selfie stick to revealing more scenery behind you and use a wide lens to give the spacious impression

  • Capture everything!

Do not forget to capture everything guys! Capture anything you thought was good, and then upload your photos into your instagram account. Vacation is about capture every moment, dude

  • Check in

Do you have path account? Or foursquare? If you had one of them, then use them for check in! So, when you've come home from a vacation, you can still see where was your destinations during your vacation at the time

  • Take so many selfies and self-shots. This is the must-to-do guys

So.... Happy holiday guys! I hope you have a great time with lovely people around you :)

ps: sorry for my bad grammar, i'm still learning tho

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