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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

6 Things You Should Do On A Bored Holiday

Tuesday, June 02, 2015 2
6 Things You Should Do On A Bored Holiday
Hi guys, i'm back with some new tips!

Holiday is only few more weeks, right? Mostly people who only stay at home are bored. Because of it, I want to show you some tips to make your holiday enjoyable and not boring.

Here's the tips you can follow:
  • Do something fun!
Even if your holiday is just at home, try to do something fun like crafting, blogging, cooking or make new dishes, write something, or design your room! About designing your room and cooking, you can watch some tutorials from youtube, there's a lot. Or you can play with your pet and take it to walk? That's fun too!
  • Holiday with family

Because it's holiday, you will have more quality time with family right? So... why don't you ask them for short trip? You can go to place, or eat, or something you want to do with your family. You can ask them for long trip to like vacation and stay at hotel if they have much time!
  • Play with friends
I know you have so many friends, sooo you absolutely can ask them for play. You can go to mall, go to cinema, play at your friend's house, take selfies, and there's lots of fun thing you should do with your lovely friends. Or if you have a boyfriend, why don't you ask him for walk too? xD
  • Help your mom
Mom always have been busy every morning right? You are younger than her, why don't you help her? Old people easily out of energy, and you were young with full of energy. You should help her with kind of things like wash dishes, help her while cook, and so many else. Guess what? She will be so happy.
  • Clean your room
I know you kinda lazy to clean your room (so am I-_-), but it can be way to get over with your boredom. You can clean your closet, take your clothes that you wont wear it anymore then throw it away, or you can design your room by yourself like make your room more tumblr-ish if you obsessed with tumblr(?)
  • Don't use gadgets too much!
This is my personal aware, don't use gadgets too much. Why? Because if you play gadget too much perhaps it can make you easily bored. This is my own experience witrh using gadget too much, i play my laptop until many hours and then i got bored and i dont know what i will to do next, because i think my gadget is my only activity to do(?) HAHAHA don't follow me guys it's bad.

I think it's quite too much but i hope those tips will bring benefits to you! :)