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Saturday, May 30, 2015

How To Increase Your Blog Visitor

Saturday, May 30, 2015 4
How To Increase Your Blog Visitor

Guten Morgen!

Actually I was thinking that I am going to change my super not-obvious blog into tips and tricks blog(?) but I dont know what it will be turns, and what are the risks, and yeah maybe this blog is not going to change( ̄へ ̄). I have been blogging since 4 years ago and i didnt know what im going to post, and what is my blog's theme so that's why my blog is super not obvious at all. And then now, i pick Wanderlust as my blog's name but that name still not telling you guys what my blog's about for sure( ̄。 ̄). Based on what i know, Wanderlust's meaning itself is about travel, and my postings didnt tell about travel at all(´ー`). But yeah i still love my blog

So.... this post now is about how to increase your visitor. If your blog has a lot visitors, it will be more fun, right? Your chat box is full by your visitors, more followers, more readers, and more exciting!

Those are many tips you can follow:
  • Pretty Blog!
Yeah, have a pretty blog can increase your visitors because they will satisfied to visit your blog, and then, they're start to wonder how you edit your blog. Then, they will ask you, even ask you about tutorials! You can make tutorial posts for help them.
  • Blogwalking?
Blogwalking is way more important for increase your visitors. By you blogwalks your friend's blog, you can also get visitors from your friend's visitors too, because the visitors will read your friend's chat box, and then they will search blogs they can visit. More you blogwalks, more visitor you will get! Omg this is so exciting(*~▽~)
  • Postings
If you have many good postings, your visitors will satisfied to read your blog, or they even will wait your new post! Use what's trendy right now for your postings. More reader, more famous(?)
  • Promote your Blog
You have social media apps, isn't it? It means you have connections to people, friends, or families. You can take the advantage to promote your blog! You can share your blog to your facebook, twitter, instagram, and anything you want. You can also describe your blog, yeah like an advertisement, try to attract people(。◕‿◕。)
  • Give Them Something!
Last but not least. If you're an expert of making freebies, doodles, emoticons, blogskin templates, you can use that advantage to increase your visitor! You can promote your works into your blog, and then they will get take your work from your blog, and they will use them in their blogs (P.S: DONT LET THEM NOT CREDIT YOU). They could also even wait for your new works too. Or if you attract to business, you can also sell your works too. It's fun, right?

And yeah, there are some tips that i can give it to you. Thank you for reading and happy blogging

P.S: did you catch behind the scene of my blog in this post? xD

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Type of Friends

Wednesday, May 27, 2015 2
Type of Friends
By the way, hi guys!

This is many type of friend that you will find out at your new school (if you are the new freshmen this year), or at your new class if your school uses that rolling system ʘ‿ʘ. You will find out so so so many variant type of friends and it's just confusing what will compatible with you. Or you are the type of person that could make friends with different type of friends? You'll find out later

1. A Self-contained Person

this is type of people that very very easy to find. They're not nerdy but in my opinion, they just need someone who can talk a lot with them but they are too shy to talk with new people. If you are an engrossed person, you can talk with them and make friends with them. They will follow you or even become an engrossed people like you too (≧ω≦)

2. Fun Person

You will happy if you have a kind of friend like this, i swear you'll happy and never regret of having friends like them. But, they usually can be your place for tell your stories HEHEHE. They are like of being weird, usually they dont care about what people says. Live your life, dude!

3. Dilemma Person

you can make their dilemma for jokes BUT not too often AND IM JUST KIDDING(~ ̄▽ ̄)~
this person usually tells stories a lot with you. Just find them ways to get over with their dilemma
(∪ ◡ ∪)

4. Smart Person

this person is kinda know everything. i have experiences be friend with smart person. i am just afraid of being wrong and if i wrong, they will shout me with their disagreements. omg ok stop this is too much HAHAHA (o_-)

5. Popular Person 

yeah the last but not least. be friend with popular person is kinda awkward for me. but it doesn't matter, you can be popular too *OOPS ∩(︶▽︶)∩

"There are some people that make you laugh a little louder
smile a little bigger
and live just a little bit better."