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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hello guys, whats up?

I am on holiday right now so I had so much time off and I am super happy to spending my time for blogging.  I have no other activity except blogging. But just fyi, I do have activities but sadly I easily got bored with it. I usually like drawing and reading novel but I got bored so blogging is my acivity now. Oh I wonder if you guys have watchin In The Heart of The Sea. This movie starring Chris Hemsworth is a great movie to watch at the end of the year, I thought. The movie is very sharp, so intense, and very exciting. Very cool editing and effect, and also very good story. I think you must incorporate this movie into your must-watch list.

Are you guys on vacation right now? Or traveling abroad? Or are you guys packing for vacation right now? I admit I have been a few times on vacation to somewhere, and I often forget to bring something or do something during vacation, so, I want to give you some tips for traveling, based on what I learned and my own experience.

  • Make a list of stuffs that you must bring for vacation

Make a list is very very helpful for you whose bring so many stuffs for holiday, making list also prevents your careless also as a reminder to bring the things you need. So, you will carried away everything you need without forgetting something

  • Prepare at the previous day

Preparing all the things you need to bring at the previous day also useful because you have a lot of time to pack your goodies. So, at night you can make sure that the items you need are alreay all in suitcase. Compare with preparing few hours before you leave, definitely you forget so much things because you're in a hurry.

  • Bring powerbank and charger cable!

Phone battery is very very important for people nowadays. Because without phone while vacation, you can not capture anything, check in at a place that you're visiting, or making videos? So, this is the most do-not-forget-to-bring.

  • Bring selfie stick and wide lens (if you have)

People are so so so so love to selfie! Selfie anywhere, anytime. If you visit the place where the view is very nice, of course your selfie's background will be very interesting. So, use selfie stick to revealing more scenery behind you and use a wide lens to give the spacious impression

  • Capture everything!

Do not forget to capture everything guys! Capture anything you thought was good, and then upload your photos into your instagram account. Vacation is about capture every moment, dude

  • Check in

Do you have path account? Or foursquare? If you had one of them, then use them for check in! So, when you've come home from a vacation, you can still see where was your destinations during your vacation at the time

  • Take so many selfies and self-shots. This is the must-to-do guys

So.... Happy holiday guys! I hope you have a great time with lovely people around you :)

ps: sorry for my bad grammar, i'm still learning tho

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5 comment(s)

  1. Blogging is fun when you have something to talk about n_n I hope you had a great vacation despite forgetting some things. Those are good tips to remember, too. But I never go on vacation >~<

    Happy holidays and have a great break!

  2. There's plenty that we must prepared before we start our travelling , What you have shared in here is the stuff that "must" to carried while we were on journey and of course this would be helpful tips . Thumbs up and Thank you for sharing this valuable info's to us :)

    - Syamsid Blog -

  3. thank you all and i hope my tips are helping you! xx


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