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Friday, December 25, 2015

Tags! #2

This is my second tag from her,  obviously. Thanks guys because you've tagged me I have more times to think about my next post about tips xD So I'm just gonna do it quickly. 

Apakah impian anda yang PALING anda nak?

Making my own money from internet, being a business woman, and my highest dream is really want to be an employer of  Google 

Apakah perkara-perkara atau benda yang comel bagi anda?

My cat

Buku ataupun cerita yang membawa seribu satu makna dalam hidup anda.

Hmm when I was little I bought a novel and the story is a bout a twin that want their mom and dad back (because their parents got divorced). I realized that family is a precious thing we have in life

Alat muzik apa yang anda harap anda dapat mainkan?

Umm, drum?

Apakah / Siapakah yang memberi anda inspirasi untuk terus berblogging?

Myself and other success bloggers

Genre(s) kegemaran anda? (tak kisahlah buku atau filem)

Book: horror-adventure and romance
Movie: Action-adventure, horor, scifi!

Ceritakan pengalaman yang membanggakan diri anda.

Getting good scores, being a student of one of the most favorite high school in South Jakarta a year ago :D

Adakah anda ada trauma / fobia kepada apa-apa? Bolehlah kongsikan dengan kami.

Luckily I have no traumatic/phobia at something and I'm so grateful

And i tagged these person: you, you, you

These are my questions for persons that I've tagged

  • What is your life's motto?
  • What's your favorite movie?
  • Who's your favorite blogger?
  • What's your favorite song? 
  • Have you ever been through a paranormal experience? xD
  • What's your most opened website?
  • Who's your fav youtuber/viner?
  • Have you ever attend a concert?
  • Have you ever being a leader?
  • Give your opinion about my blog xD


  1. Thanks tag :D Dah jawab soalan awak!

  2. thank you for taking your time answering my tag! yes, indeed, I love to watch horror and scifi too, now with addition fantasy and adventure :D

  3. Goodluck mencapai impian & cita2 :)

  4. Yeay! Done answer it! ;)



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