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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Tags! #1

Whoa, guys this is absolutely incredible for me because I've been tagged three times for doing a tag! Thank you so much my chingus xD now I'm gonna do a tag that recently tagged to me from Ailya (thanks btw!). This is fun and I cant wait for do two more tags

These are the questions:
  1.  Anda suka berblogging tak ? Kenapa ?
  2.  Apa pendapat anda tentang orang yang mintak follow back, tapi dia tak follow pun blog awak?
  3.  Berapa umur anda ?
  4.  Hadiah yang amat di-idam-idamkan ?
  5.  Pukul berapa time anda tengah menaip ni ?
  6.  Apa pandangan anda tentang blog saya ?
  7.  Beauty product yang anda amat suka & effective ?
  8.  Website online yang jual beauty product ?
  9.  Benda yang perlu ada time travelling ?
  10.  Bussiness class ke economy class best lagi ?

And these are my answers (i'll do it in English):

  1.  I love blogging! because I love designing and editing my own template, and I am kinda person who likes to write
  2. It's up to them if they want to follow me or nah but it's mmm weird maybe because I already followed them but they are not follow me back
  3.  I am 16 years old right now!
  4.  I actually really really want to have my own slr because I always borrow my dad's xD
  5.  Always at midnight (?)
  6.  I super super like ur blog! It's minimalist and simple
  7.  Garnier and clean&clear absolutely
  8.  I dont know because I never buy beauty products at online shop ._.
  9.  Is this question means 'stuffs that I must bring while traveling?' I'm sorry i am not too understand._. but stuffs that must I bring is obviously passport if I travel with plane, water, phone, and the MUST one; earphone.
  10.  Both of them are great! ^^

Okaaay I'm tagging ciktaman, faiqots, hana :)

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