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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Morning, folks. I have a very very boring morning and lazy to do some stuff so I decided to look at my cbox and see who's visiting me, and then a visitor from Malaysia tagged me to do a segment (thanks beeha!). I admit to you that I am now craving for a segment so I have something to write because generally I think so hard to decide what am I gonna post >.< And this is my fifth segment, I'll do my best
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 Kenapa dan sejak bila korang jadi blogger?

Well, first, when I was a sixth grader at elementary school, I frequently see many articles about blogging on social media, or magazines. And I started to wonder how people blogging and what they do with their blog, and I feel like I want to blogging to, I want people to read what I write, and I want to keep my writings so it doesn't get lost (because usually I write my story on a piece of paper and they lost easily-_-). Fortuitously, my dad had a mini book about blogging tutorial (so it was like coincidence I thought). So finally I asked my dad how to make a blog and he pleasure to help me. I asked him what am I suppose to do with my blog and he said that I can write everything I want. So after helping me making a blog, I started to write a story, exactly, my own story (you can see my first story at my blog archive, February 2010 if you want xD)

 Macam mana korang boleh dapat banyak idea untuk di update?

The post ideas usually come by itself, they come to my mind. But for maximize my posting, I often search for inspirations at google or from other blogger's site, so my brain have enough words for me to post

 Berapa lama masa yang korang ambik nak tulis satu entry?

Usually it doesn't take a long time but when I have no inspiration, it could be 30 minutes -_- because I decided to make a new post everyday and I must think what am I gonna post and also looking for inspiration *thank you for those people who makes many inspiration comes to my mind and thank you google for providing images that I want*

I'm done!

So I'm tagging ;)

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  1. maaf yer untuk segmen encik kidal awak nanti letak link dia kat kotak komen k sebab syarat dia menetap kan agar link dimasukkan ke dlam kotak komen :) thanks


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