60 Facts About Me

By Dira Sabrina - Monday, April 09, 2012

Hello! My full name is Dira Amanda Sabrina or you can call me Dira for short. I was born in Jakarta, exactly in the hospital, on August 3rd 1999. I am currently a college student. I live in Indonesia, and I have passion at photography, blogging and obviously, eating. So, those are more about me!


1. Male/Female? Female

2. Large or Small eyes?? Small

3. Tall or Short ? Tbh I'm short but im not that short so chill xD

4. The color of your skin? Olive

5. Color of your hair? Of course black

6. Sharp or Flat nose? Both

7. Your face shape? Oval, maybe

8. Fat or thin? Both


9. Good or bad? Good, maybe. Only person who can judge

10. Naughty or calm? BOTH! :D

11. Secret keeper or secret disseminator? Secret keeper

12. Smart or less smart? Both ._.

13. Dilligent or lazy? A bit lazy

14. Fun or not funny? not funny I think

15. Grumpy or cheerful? Depending on the situation

16. A lot of talk or quiet? Depending on the situation too

17. A lot of friends or a loner? A lot of friends!

18. Often troubled or not? Sometimes....

19. Are you mushy? Not!

20. Are you still acting like children? Maybe.. Haha


21. Food? I like a lot of food!

22. Drink? I like a lot of drink too

23. Band? I like Fall Out Boy a little bit

24. Number? 3, 7, 8, 18

25. Actor? Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston

26. Actress? Rachel McAdams, Drew Barrymore

27. TV Shows? Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Riverdale, Scream Queens

28. Movie? Anything drama and comedy such as Blended

29. Book/Comic? And what's the title is? Book, Insurgent

30. Favorite musician? Hardwell, Troye Sivan, Prismo, Blackbear


31. Read textbook / Story book? Story book

32. Play with laptop / handphone? Both of them!

33. Drawing / Painting / Coloring? Drawing

34. Watching film / watching TV show? Both of them

35. Writing or reading? Writing


36. Where is your school? I am currently studying at Tarumanagara University

37. Whether good place? Absolutely

38. Whether your school is clean and comfortable? BIG YES

39. How's the canteen? clean, many kind of foods, but a little bit far from my class

40. What is your major class? I took Business Information System :D

41. How's your friends? Bam! Love them all

42. How's your score? Hmm.. not bad

43. Are you comfortable with your school? so far, yes


44. Single or taken? Single yall

45. Do you in love? Yes, with my bed, my laptop, and my iPhone?

46. Are you currently like someone? Yas haha!

47. Who's that? someone in my major

48. How's your crush's face? I dont know how to explain this xD but he's kinda cute

49. Define his attitude! funny, smart, relatable


50. I hate copycats

51. I hate people who like to copy my words

52. I hate people who want to destroy my friendship

53. I hate people who have no respect

54. I hate people who like to copy my style

55. I hate somebody who approach my boyfie...

56. I don't like too see the tacky


57. What category of this blog? Full of vent, I think

58. How many total visitors of this blog? I dont know I never check it..

59. What kind of friend that you like? Playful, smart, exciting, and fun to chat

60. Can I be your friend too? Sure!

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2 comment(s)

  1. Indonesian? I lovee Hunger Games and Divergent series. Those movies were awesome. Cute blog btw (•◡•)
    - Artsy le Bella

    1. yes im indonesian! xx but now im currently in love with maze runner too but not as much as i fangirl hunger games xD


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