[Day 61] Facts About Me

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Sebetulnya ini sih emang udah pernah di post beberapa waktu lalu, cuma aku mau ngepost ulang. Aku emang suka nulis-nulis yang kaya gini. facts about me YOU MUST TO KNOW. Check it out :-)

There's 10 things what I like. Ini 10 hal yang aku suka. Cekidoooot~~ (ini in English yaa)
  • Imma lazy girl -_-
  • I love spending my time to play the internet
  •  I love playing my blackberry
  • I like to finding and collecting tumblr pictures
  • Playing facebook, checking twitter timeline, that's what I like!
  • Create a template :->
  •  Like chocolate, especially Kit-Kat
  • I like the cool guy who can play soccer ball
  • I like to edit the HTML code
  • I love to read stories in English
Satu lagi, there is 10 things what I hate. Leggooo~~
  • a slow internet connection
  • I hate spammers
  • I hate copycaters
  • I hate people who like to talk about me behind. YOU ARE SUCK! I hate this ._.
  • I hate people who like to follow my style
  • I don't like to wait
  • I hate the people who try to destroy my friendship. GO TO THE HELL, DUDE!
  • I don't like people who like to pull my hair._.
  • Hate people who like looking for trouble
  • Just it.
Oke, diantara 10 hal yang aku benci, aku paling benci dengan hal nomor 7. Di situ tertulis I hate the people who try to destroy my friendship. Aku memang benci banget dengan yang satu ini! Siapapun dia, aku tetap nggak bisa maafin orang yang berusaha menghancurkan persahabatanku. Go to hell, dude!

Okay, that's all about me. Ini termasuk tag juga. Ada yang mau ambil? Boleh aja. Bilang dulu di comment box yaap~~

Have a nice day!

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2 comment(s)

  1. Kok lazy disukai, Dir? Itu tuh penyakit banget, kakak juga kadang malas, itu penyakit lho Dir.

  2. haha iya kak. aku paling males kalo rapi-rapi rumah gitu kak..


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